Welcome to the Phovia Nurse Academy

Here you will find all that you need to know about Phovia. From case selection to how to use it, along with case studies, research and top tips for marketing. There’s a lot to cover but we’ve tried to keep it light (see what we did there!?). By the end you’ll be a true Phovia Expert (with a badge to prove it) and will have racked up some CPD along the way! So, sit back, relax and let’s begin your journey towards a new approach to veterinary dermatology.
Module 1

Shining the light on…

The science behind Phovia

Get to grips with the science behind Phovia. We’ll shed some light on how the Phovia system works and the benefits of using it, as well as cover the basics about the skin conditions Phovia can be useful for.

Module 2

Shining the light on…

Using Phovia

Learn all you need to know about using Phovia, including set up and safety. We also have some helpful consultation resources for you to download so you have the key information you need at your fingertips

Module 3

Shining the light on…

Social Media

Helping you spread the word about Phovia far and wide. We have some top tips for you to maximise the impact of your social channels (Facebook and Instagram) and some ready-made content for you to download and use.

Module 4

Shining the light on…

Phovia studies

We all want to practice evidence-based medicine so here you’ll find all of our Phovia proof – with study summaries and links to the full papers. We’ll also be adding case studies to this so be sure to check in again.